February 2002

Dear old and new friends,

January found me in Carmel, Indiana near a frozen pond, walking on a treadmill to keep fit and loving my stay with my son and his wife before leaving for Eugene, Oregon to be with daughter Ann and her family. Marcus is just fine, THANK-YOU.

In Indianapolis I was privileged to share stories with the Indianapolis Carmelites, in Eugene with the FOR group and wrote an important letter which you can access on the new button from the menu page: Tangible Hope: the New Ribbon. Bernice Pulley and Michelle Peppers asked for such a statement to be presented to some NGOs on January 24.

Bernice was an important part of Church Women United's commitment to The Ribbon between 1982 and 1985. They created 2400 pieces for their quadrennial assembly in 1984. The title of that assembly at Purdue was Pieces to Peace. ChurchWomen.org - 2k

Michelle is part of the Ribbon International and we met Pope John Paul II at the Vatican last October where I presented him with my Ribbon holding names of many faiths. Link

This website is my new "Christmas card list" that worked so well in 1982. If some of you have friends who need to find Tangible Hope you could send them my ponder and pray message to new menu field as we sow seeds together and begin to sew to speak again.

A new friend, Alice Hart, is this month's benefactor. THANK-YOU, Alice, I remind you again that this website needs such support.

The embroidery is of Mikhail Baryshnikov dancing to the sound of his own heartbeat. It seems just right for this month. As humans we feel vulnerable in a world of wondrous and sometimes terrifying technology. Sound sculptor Christopher Janney, who wired Mikhail, is the husband of Terrell Lamb who was the gifted and hard working public relations person for the Ribbon in 1985.

The poem for February is "Pieces to Piece". Surely it is appropriate as some of us look ahead to creating a 18"x36'" piece of Tangible Hope.

When you access the calendar you will see that February is FULL. When some of you ask wistfully "I wish I knew how to find you, Justine," I don't always remember to respond. If you press the Calendar link for the Calendar you will see the dates and places for each month. If you would like me to come and read poems, lead workshops, tell stories or to help a group begin their pieces to peace, I will need "carfare and housing" and some lead time to make travel arrangements as I travel across Nineveh.

I am presently embroidering holly on my piece of Tangible Hope. Have you begun?

with Love,


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