May 2003

Hello Friends of Justine,

This letter is in lieu of one by Justine, as she has been dealing with some health problems and has not been able to get a letter written herself.

On Good Friday, on her way home from Mass, she took a spill and hit her head. A few stitches and lots of TLC later, she was back at home. But before she had fully recovered from that, this morning (April 27) she wasn't feeling well and - one thing leading to another - now she is in the hospital with a case of 'critically low sodium,' and is expected to be there for a couple of days.

On top of the health matters, Justine’s computer has had its own problems and is getting repaired, so she hasn't been able to receive or send emails -- and probably won't be receiving or sending them -- for awhile.

If you would like to send her an electronic message, I’d be happy to forward it to her. Of course, there is always the old fashioned way, by U.S. mail: 350 Pearl Street # 1405; Eugene, OR 97401.

I'm sure she would love to hear from you.

from Justine’s daughter Gail

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