August's Letter

Dear ones,

During the month of July in Oregon, Colorado's beauty was exchanged for the green glory of the Pacific northwest, the Rio Grande River for the Willamette, the Rockies for Mount Hood and Mount Helena. God is Good.

In addition to the natural beauty, there have been some very beautiful reunions. I have 12 grand children. This year I have seen all twelve, including the two who go to school in NYC whom I did not expect to see in Portland AND eight year old Dana Lee visiting Stephen from Seoul, Korea.

I have watched Marcus play golf as well as receive all kinds of chemo; Lucas slide into home for a run as well as race about on his Racer. AND I was here in Portland to celebrate Regna's 50th birthday. Mix in Bach's Mass in B Minor with movies, an Ems game, roses, splendid food and sharings. Now you have a small glimpse of what those 31 days have held.

This is the first day of August and 15 years since some of us were in Washington, DC to dedicate The Ribbon at the National Cathedral, since some of us gathered around the Pentagon in Arlington, VA. Remembering those remarkable events, the August Calendar holds the promise of four of the Ribbon's poems. If you access them you may be able to hear me read some of the words that led to that weekend.

Since many Ribbons made by others reflected the four seasons, you will also be able to access four embroidered memories I created in 1978: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Michelle Peppers is this month's benefactor.THANK-YOU, Michelle.

with Love,


P.S. The 30 minute video, EMBROIDERED MEMORIES, can be ordered through for $16 plus postage and handling if you want to check out two threads of my spiritual and creative journey.

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