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Your mother saw the change; had Joseph lived to see the day, he would have seen it too. She sensed now the authority and the awesome wisdom. She held these new insights within her heart as she had held the old ones for thirty years.

But, that wedding day in Cana as You danced with the other guests, she noticed that the wine jars emptied and she understood the awkward pause if the other guests, after the laughing dance, found no wine to ease their thirsts.

When she told You, You listened first with some impatience - that she should try to push You along the path now waiting there before You. But, because You liked dancing - and wine - and loved the bride and groom, You ordered the servants to fill the jars with water. And they did.

It must have been a short prayer, instantly heard, for when the thirsty guests called for more wine, it was there. The host must have felt some surprise himself, because he had noticed the level of the liquid lower.

When You raised Your cup to drink the wine - for You were sweating, You were breathing hard from the nuptial dancing, You caught Your mother's eyes across the cup's rim, then, made a quick gesture of a toast, and grinned.

She smiled too, for the gift this day was of the vine and the guests at that feast gulped it down.

You felt the Power of Your father in those joy filled moments; You felt the Power of Your father surge within Your heart for You knew He was present in that room.

But only the servants - and Your mother - understood the measure of Your prayer that day in Cana.

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