Last Saturday night
Garrison Keillor made a joke;
it was just a joke
and I laughed
as Bertha's Kitty Boutique advertised a Bible,
a new translation, Garrison Keillor said,
replacing "cats" for "sheep;"
it should read, "Feed my cats."
I laughed,
feeling a little sheepish to be making fun of Scripture
on a Saturday night.

And then
it was Sunday morning
and after prayers and coffee,
seated in the sunlight
I remembered, "Feed my cats"
and wept.

Think of my sister saying with such earnestness,
"Feed my cats"
and trusting,
trusting that the Peters would do just that.

Feed my dogs,
trusting someone would hear and follow the instruction.
Feed my pets,
feed these creatures which delight me;
feed these beloveds,
trusting that someone would hear -
and follow the clear injunction.

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