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Later, when her heart was whole again; later, when her shaking stopped; later, she rushed to tell the others.

She told Mary, who knew it was true. She told Peter who at first denied the message. She told strangers along her path and some believed because they could see the Light within her. Some strangers lowered their eyes and said it was some kind of madness.

But the Word spread because it was true.

One of the others told the little girl who had wept for her brother. Another told the widowed wife.

Peter who had been forgiven for his denials and all the others who were ashamed that they had run, all came to understand forgiving Love. They came, then, through Love, to forgive themselves.

      In that forgiving,
      in that loving, they found Eternal Life.
      They discovered in an Easter morning that
                                                                     You live in us,
                                                                     You live with us,
                                                                     You live through us.

      as we live in You,
      as we live with You,
      as we live through You.



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