My sister, Virginia Yankoskie, is a retired High School Athletic's Administrator who lives in Portland, Oregon. At 60, she had NEVER picked up a needle to do anything near embroidery before in her life, (although our Mother, who is 90, embroider's daily.)

She was inspired by your story and so began this fabric section a year or so ago. Her personal design is all hand embroidered by our Mom and her - quiet a learning experience!

The panel has olive branches for peace down each side, the dove of peace, God's hand's pouring the baptismal waters of peace and forgiveness over the world. The boarder is made of fabric scrapes from every member of our family as well as pieces from all over the world. I think it really turned out well for a novice! Irene Sosh (Virginia's sister.)

Joe Miller Jr.'s ribbon piece

Every Stitch is a Prayer, by Maggie O'Connor

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